Hate is NOT Who We Are


Donald Trump becoming president did one good thing, it exposed a dark element of the Republican Party!

We thought that this subgroup within the GOP voter base was a minority but it appears that it is bigger than we thought, much bigger. Everyday we see more of these people come out of the closet and spread the hate and ignorance that only Trump fans are known for and I feel it is important to shine a light on this issue and these people, we cannot speak out about this enough. Yes, I wrote about the hate of Trump fans a few days ago but I felt it was especially important now to talk about this hate and the issues that makes me think of this again are the Muslim ban as well as the transgender student fighting in the courts known as Gavin.

These are two very important issues that deserve attention and they certainly get a lot of attention from those who support Donald Trump, the hateful and ignorant attention that his supporters are known for. If you thought that Republicans were bad before Trump then you had not seen anything like we are seeing now, the Bush Republicans were largely civil and had respect for others, the Trump fans are an entirely different animal and do not respect anyone or their rights. They are hateful people who like their leader (Trump) have no interest in helping anyone, their hope as well as his policies only hurt people and do not care about anyone but themselves.

Let’s look at the Muslim ban, whether it is the first ban or the revised version that just came out yesterday one thing is for sure, they are both hateful and are not about keeping us safe but are about hurting people and about clear bigotry and Islamophobia. The Trump fans say “It isn’t a Muslim ban” but Trump himself said that it is a Muslim ban and both versions of it are disgusting and NOT who we are in this nation, we do not build walls in the United States of America and we do not ban people from coming in. We in America are an accepting and compassionate place that is a refugee from those fleeing poverty and oppression and this ban will just change how the world views us and cause more attacks against us, not less.

The other issue is one that makes me angry to no end and it is the issue about transgender students and trans rights as a whole. Gavin Grimm’s story brought tears to my eyes and caused me to rise up and act, that is what we as Americans do when our fellows are being mistreated after all. This is a transgender student who simply wants his rights respected and protected but Trump’s reversal of the Obama protection order for transgender youth to be able to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity denies those rights and that is wrong.

The misinformation that is spread by Trump fans are other transphobic people about this issue is ignorant and must be called out whenever it comes up and I will always do that. I am a trans ally and will always stand against transphobia and hate that is directed at these people and I also will try my best to educate these people on what they are and what they are not. Transgender is not a mental illness, it was actually reclassified and is no longer considered a mental illness and is completely normal and should be accepted. Transgender people are not “pretending” and they are not “freaks”, they are just like you and me and deserve equal protection under the law, they also are not asking for “special rights”, they are only asking for the hate to stop and for their rights to be respected and granted.

This is a very important issue that we must address as so many trans people and trans youth especially commit suicide because they are hated and bullied for just being who they are and their true selves. They are at the highest risk because of the hate and ignorance that is thrown their way and I will not sit by and allow that to happen, we should be accepting of those different than us, not make them feel bad for who they are or try to put them down. Sadly, both of these issues are a result of the hate created by the rise of Trump and unfortunately there are so many more minority groups who are bullied and attacked by Trump fans, it is unlikely to get better as they are aggressive and vile people but we who value equality and diversity will never be silent and will always oppose this hate and bigotry whenever it rears its ugly head.

Donald Trump and his fans are NOT who America is!



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