No Trump, Undocumented Immigrants aren’t the Threat!


Immigrants are what this nation is about and what keep us the diverse and welcoming place that we have always been, these immigrants are what make up the United States of America as we are a nation of immigrants and must remain that way. I know, the fans of Donald Trump as well as Trump himself want to make America white again and get rid of all these immigrants but most of us love our immigrant friends, including the many good and decent undocumented people. There are a lot of lies and a ton of misinformation that is spread about these people so I wanted to clear the air and tell some facts about who the criminals are and trust me, it is not the majority of undocumented immigrants.

Yes, we hear it everyday that undocumented immigrants commit over 90% of the crime in this country but that is not true, not even close. American citizens commit most of the crime yet those who support Trump like to repeat the lie that immigrants are the real criminals and that we need to deport them for “safety reasons”, do not believe this lie and do not believe what Trump and his minions have to say about undocumented people as none of it is true. The truth is, undocumented immigrants for the most part work hard to provide for their families as well as contribute to society in so many ways, they are not the “rapists” or “killers” that Trump makes them out to be, they are good people who simply want a better life.

The criminals are Americans and we have the stats to show this fact, the numbers show that it is the citizens of this country who commit the crimes, not those who are living undocumented and trying to provide for their families or escape oppression and poverty in third world countries. The fact is that those living in this country without papers are in fact mostly law abiding and do not kill, rob, or rape, that is reserved for the citizens of this nation. Don’t believe me? Just look at the latest numbers of who commits these crimes in this country, I assure you, it is not the undocumented or as Trump  and his fans call them “invaders”. The claim that “illegals” are “bad hombres” and are committing some really violent and horrible acts yet the facts show that while some undocumented immigrants have committed violent acts, most do not.

The studies show that only about 5% of federal inmates are noncitizens and only 7% of those in state prisons are undocumented. Those who are anti immigrant say that the number is in high 20-30% but that is not true, the majority of criminals in our prisons are citizens of the United States, not undocumented immigrants. Out of the 11 million plus who are here without papers only around 1.6 million have being charged with a crime and less than half of those have been charged or convicted of a violent crime, those are the facts on the issue. The facts show that most undocumented people do not commit these crimes and simply want a better life for themselves and their families, not to hurt their fellows here in the states.

Some more numbers, 300,000 undocumented immigrants of those who are charged of a felony get convicted of that felony. These numbers are quite astounding seeing that there are more than 11 million people without papers here in the states, it goes to show that the majority of immigrants are not violent criminals or criminals at all. I know, they say that crossing the border illegally is a crime, this is technically true but at the same time I am of the belief that we should have open borders and NO human being is illegal. I stand by this and will always fight for these people to remain here and I will continue to support and fight for sanctuary cities as well.

The notion that most undocumented people are violent criminals is a hateful one but it is also something completely untrue and the facts show this regardless of the lies that our “president” Donald Trump and his team spread on a daily basis. The real threat are those American gun owners who commit most gun crimes and most murders, Muslims (another group attacked by the right) and undocumented immigrants are not the true criminals and do not pose the greatest threat to our country, you are thinking of American gun owners and Americans as a whole. Of the 12,000 plus gun murders per year over 80% of them are committed by citizens of this country, not “Islamic Extremists” or undocumented immigrants and this is a fact!

The Trump fans use the tragic death of Kate Steinle to further their anti immigrant agenda which astounds me for nothing else than the fact that they do not care when guns take the lives of anyone else, only when someone who is brown does it. They use this tragedy to push their agenda of deporting families forgetting that without one of their precious guns she would be alive today. They never care when innocent people die from guns, they didn’t when Newtown happened or Aurora or the countless of other gun deaths but when it is to attack undocumented immigrants they are all over it and suddenly care about gun violence victims, nobody is buying their fake compassion. The point in all of this is that American citizens commit the most crime, not undocumented immigrants and this lie that those without papers are a threat to the American people must be challenged and fought against every single time it arises.



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