An Armed Society is a Dangerous Society

The pro-gun movement always uses myths, I wrote a book about these myths because we here them so often, I would like to refresh the memory of the public about one of these myths and that is the myth about how “An armed society is a polite society”, this could not be the furthest thing from the truth. Armed people are not polite and we see this by the countless incidents of gun violence that happen every single day in this nation. If we were so “polite” then we would not have hundreds of mass shootings a year or incidents of domestic violence gun deaths, gun suicides, gun accidents, and random shootings. They always use this line when trying to convince people to support the “right” to have a gun or when open carry and other gun issues are discussed but when we look at the facts a different story is told and we can conclude that an armed society is not a polite society. This myth is another one that isn’t based on facts but is based on emotional opinion and is put out there to once again, show that gun people are the best people around and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Thousands of dead and tens of thousands more injured every single year tell us that an armed society is a dangerous society and isn’t a “polite’ society. This cannot be denied no matter how hard the NRA and their supporters try and we have the facts and data to back us up. If an armed society was a polite society, then we would not have 300+ mass shootings a year and random gun violence daily. If it was so polite then we would not be gunning our fellow Americans down like we see every day and we would treat each other with respect and value life but we don’t. The most polite societies are the ones where people do not carry guns to the grocery store, the mall, or to the movies. These societies that do not have open or conceal carry are peaceful places with very low gun violence but the societies where people are allowed to carry guns wherever they go are not only rude but they are dangerous and we see this by the proven studies that show states with the most gun deaths have the highest rate of gun ownership, proving that more guns always equal more deaths!

If you would call an average of one mass shooting per day and 91 Americans dying from gun violence daily polite then you are either not looking at things with the right perspective or quite likely insane because that doesn’t equate to being polite at all, it equates to a culture of violence that is perpetrated by a group of violent people who think it is okay to hurt others, mostly with guns. A polite society would be one that believes in solving their problems with violence rather than walking away from them and choosing peace over violent aggression. The people who own guns largely believe that it is perfectly fine to intimidate others with guns and they use these guns to justify whatever action they deem fit to take when a confrontation occurs. Guns bring out our flaws and cause people to choose conflict over walking away. They teach our young people that it is okay to shoot and kill others if it is in “self-defense” and that is simply wrong.

We are a society that has a law like the Stand Your Ground law that was the reason accused murderer George Zimmerman was acquitted when he shot Trayvon Martin in cold blood back in 2012 in what he called self-defense but was obvious to the world that it was murder. It was the Stand Your Ground law that allowed him to legally shoot and kill that innocent young man and since similar laws have been popping up across this country.
A law like this isn’t something that supports the belief that an armed society is a polite one as polite people do not go around shooting people. In this case Zimmerman could have called the police and had them deal with it but instead he chose to take the law into his own hands and an innocent young man died that night as a result of his actions. Does this sound “polite” to you? No, it does not and that is because it is not! Guns in the hands of everyday citizens cause bad things to happen and as we can see by the daily toll of incidents of gun violence in this nation, an armed society is far from polite.

Still, the pro-gun movement repeats this myth and stands by their assertion that guns create peace when the truth is they create a culture of violence and aggression. Cases like the Martin case are becoming more and more common and that is because those at the National Rifle Association spread the lie that most gun owners are “law abiding citizens” and do nothing wrong, the truth on this one is that many so-called law abiding gun owners do commit gun crimes and do endanger the lives of the public. We see this every day in several cities and states in America, people who are legal gun owners and those who supposedly stay within the laws of the land end up for whatever reason killing people and committing gun violence.

They always claim that they are law abiding and that CCW holders do not commit gun crime but this is not true, we have seen and continue to see that there are so many legal gun owners who commit mass shootings as well as kill their families, shoot random people, and even leave their firearms unsecured which usually results in the death of a curious child. Stand your ground laws are not polite and neither is carrying an AR into your local Walmart, the polite people in our society are the unarmed ones and this also we see simply by looking at the news or the statistics of violence across this country.

The point is this, an armed society is not a polite society, an armed society is a place where people are less safe, have a higher rate of anxiety and fear, and a place where people will resort to violence over trying to peacefully resolve conflicts. Make no mistake about it, an armed society is a dangerous and rude place and we as a nation need to wake up to this fact and do what we can to restrict guns to do as our current president says, make America safe again!


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