America Never has been “Great”!

Donald Trump and his supporters have a saying and it is a saying that his entire campaign was built on and that is “Make America Great Again”, the fact is that America was never great to begin with, but Barack Obama did so many things to do his best to change that and make it great and a country that works for all of us, not just a select group at the top or not just for white, straight men, but for everyone. This is the great America that Trump and his fans talk about, yet his policies seek to only help people like him and the privileged, not everyone like they should.

The US is not the world leader like we like to pretend we are, many things do not work in this country and much of it is because of the disastrous eight years under Bush that crippled our economy and image in the world. To be fair though, things have been on the decline for America for many years and it is largely to do with the “Me first” attitude that we have. We as a nation values greed over making sure every citizen is highly educated, fed, housed, and has proper medical care. This nation also rather put people in prisons than send them to college. The culture of violence and hatred also plays a role in us not being on top and leading. A leader does not sit back as its citizens get gunned down and do nothing to fix the laws. Also a leader or “Christian” nation does not allow its people to sleep on the streets or go without while 1% of the population thrives and lives in luxury.

America there is a term people like to use a lot and that is that we are the “Land of opportunity and promise”, but are we really? I mean, for some yes we are and better than other countries but for the majority it is a constant struggle. Outside of the elite and rich, many suffer and are left behind. Our government does not seem to care and the rich and even middle class certainly do not. The right and even many on the left often say the middle class is left behind but they are rich and do well compared to the poor.The homeless, extreme poor who are almost homeless but not yet, addicts without adequate treatment, sick without insurance or a way to pay for their medications, and the disabled are left behind. There is a war on the poor that rages on and even under the great policies of Obama the attack on the poor and others raged on by the GOP but we must do what we can to help those in dire need and the less fortunate, that is not something that Republicans want, but it is what we must do.

The war on homelessness where those living on the streets face arrest and jail time for sleeping on the streets, addicts get long prison terms for suffering from their disease and using drugs, people go into major debt from not being able to pay medical bills, and so on. These people are forgotten and ignored. They are treated less than human and that is not right. Many other countries have forgotten populations but many take care of them better, they have compassion and care for them. They provide free healthcare for all and many even have free or low-cost education. They have treatment for addicts and do not put them in prison for having an illness that is not their fault, they do not criminalize poverty and homelessness.

These nations have compassion, they choose care over war and funding the billion dollar corporations. the US has its priorities backwards and it does not seem to be getting better. I have travelled all over the world and have seen how things work in other places so I can speak about this with facts and knowledge. Other countries do a great job at taking care of its citizens as well as protecting them from senseless violence. The United States lacks in several areas that other nations thrive in, we as a rich and powerful nation can do much better in providing help for the homeless and those stuck in poverty. These other countries make healthcare, education, and social services a priority while here in the states we make war and rewarding the very rich a priority.

For instance, Canada established a unique and helpful program. It was a promise six years in the making, Medicine Hat, Alberta, became the first city in Canada to end chronic homelessness. Granted  it is is only a city of 61,000 people but progress is progress and it is a step up from what happens in the US. On any given day here in the states millions sleep on our street, go hungry, go without their meds, and die from addiction as there is no affordable treatment available.

This is wrong, and for a nation of our stature it is unacceptable. These ignored groups of people matter, they are humans and do not deserve to be treated like they are. They deserve to be treated like everyone else no matter where they live, but especially here in the quoted “Greatest nation on earth”. If we truly are a great nation then we will care for all people, we will house, feed, provide medical care, education, and more for all of our citizens. Forget the played out lie of the right calling the poor “lazy” and addiction a “choice” or the other lines of hate and propaganda they use, we need to provide help and care for all Americans and others who come here for a better life. We CAN and MUST do this, we spend trillions on unjust wars and other unnecessary things, we can care for our fellow humans.

We can no longer turn our back on the less fortunate, we have to care for them. I know it is a long battle to get the powers that be in Washington to see this but we must start to stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves. Our wonderful president has taken steps towards this but he cannot do it alone, he needs help and cooperation from Congress and others. The time to care about ALL people in this country is now and we no longer can pretend they do not matter or exist. The GOP and their supporters seek an America that keeps the poor stuck in dire poverty while rewarding the 1% with more tax breaks and other perks. They do not care that there are millions of people who suffer to get by and eat in this country. The policies of right wing politicians throughout history has been to ignore the chronic homelessness problem while they pad their pockets with millions.

It is beyond clear that capitalism only works for a very small minority of rich people, so what is the alternative? This question must have at least crossed the minds of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, around the world at some point. It works for the rich and the wealthy corporations but what does it do to the rest of the population in the US? I will tell you what it does, it keeps them trapped in poverty with no chance to escape while the companies they work for make out like bandits

A compassionate system puts the wellbeing of low income people ahead of Wall Street bailouts. The auto industry, housing industry, big banks all get bailouts and bonuses while the majority of everyday Americans are left to suffer and struggle. Now, bailing out the auto industry and saving thousands of jobs was a good move by our president but the poor in this country need a bailout too, they deserve to have the things others have, basic needs like food and housing.

Being a nation that helps each other and does not turn their back on refugees, the poor/homeless, other races, and so on is what makes them great and nothing that the new president and his fans stand for makes us great or ever will as hate never makes anything better, only worse. We must care for each other and do what we can to help each other out and be there for one another, doing this will not only make America great but it will make us a leader once again. The right always says that capitalism is what makes us a great country but for them I must ask the following question, is allowing tens of thousands of our fellow citizens to sleep on the streets great? How about executing people or sitting by and watching people killed by guns and doing nothing, or what about deporting families who just want a better life?

I will answer those questions with an overwhelming NO, none of those things make us great but what they do is make us hate and make the world look at us with shame and disgust, no nation who favors money over life is great and until we start treating everyone with respect and dignity we will not be great. My message to Trump and his fans is that if they really want us to be a “great” nation then we must be great for everyone, not just the rich, white, male population, everyone means everyone!


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