Trump’s Hate Group


The world has enough hate and we as not only Americans but as human beings must do what we can to combat that hate whenever it rears its ugly head and tries to make people feel less than and not good enough. This hate exists in a very real way and always has, but we are seeing it even more since the election of Donald Trump in early November and it continues to occur daily as his presidency goes forward.

Trump fans are full of this hate and they express it on a daily basis all across this great nation in more ways than one, they claim that it is we liberals who are the party of hate but this is the furthest thing from the truth, it is them who hate and divide this nation into two countries. Why do they behave this way? It is hard to say but one thing is for certain and that is that they have no interest in making America “great” for ALL of us, they just want to make it great for Trump and his followers.

Love is the answer and for us to fix the problems that we face here in the states we must combat hate with love and kindness, the supporters of our new president do not see it this way and they continue to show it as the days go on. They want a white, straight, so-called “Christian”, and rich nation and will do whatever they can to divide us into sects of people rather than try and unite us as one nation under God. it makes perfect sense though as the man who these people idolize also wants a segregated country rather than a country that is about diversity and peace and he proves this every single day.

Now, we have seen hate in this country for a long time but nothing like what we are seeing with Trump supporters, they have a vindictiveness that is rooted in hate and division and that has no regard for anyone but themselves and the policies of Trump. On the other hand, you have liberals who want to bring people together, fight for diversity and equality, and just want to create a peaceful nation. These are two very different ideologies that exist within the two groups, one wants to have a unified country built on hope and change while the other one wants to hurt people and push their own agenda of hate and we see this fact every day.

Hate never wins, hate is not a Christian trait or even a human one, and hate will drive the division that we are seeing in this country even further apart. Love is what we need, we need acceptance and peace, the problem is that when only one side wants to be loving and accepting then progress is slow to move, if it even moves at all. I know, those who support Trump do not believe that they are the hateful ones and constantly try to shift the blame back to the left, they are the hateful ones and to see this all you need to do is look at the many hate crimes they have committed since Election Day, it is truly amazing the violence and bigotry that comes from them.

The internet is a place that makes it much easier to push the agenda of hate that bullies people and makes them feel less than, it gives people bravery to carry out hate speech without putting themselves at risk and social media is a great example of that. There are countless examples of Trump supporters who bully and attack Hispanics, LGBT people, Muslims, and so on via social media and this trend grows every day throughout this country and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The internet has been a great invention and one that can do so much good, but it also can do damage and the fans of Donald Trump take advantage of the latter.

One hate group that has emerged since the election is the Alternative Right or as they are better known, the Alt Right. They are a group of white nationalists who are close to being what we used to call skinheads or KKK members, only they are much, much worse. They have an agenda of spreading hate against those who are not white, who are not straight, who are not so-called “Christian” and this agenda is rooted in hate. Steve Bannon and other members of Trump’s team are part of the Alt Right as is right wing propaganda source Breitbart and their former senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

These people have a hateful agenda that has no interest in helping the minority populations in this country or anywhere at all, their only agenda is to hate and to drive a drive deep within this nation that is unrepairable. This is what their agenda is and the people who support them are largely part of this Alt Right movement and as we see by their hateful words and actions they have no regard for minorities or people different than them. The hate of Trump fans is real and it is only getting worse as time goes on, if you deny this fact then you likely are one of the people that I am talking about and have no interest in being a helpful and contributing member of the diverse America that we were meant to be.

Hate never wins! Hate is Un-American! Hate is NOT who we are!




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