The Disaster of Trump

The week following the election was a hard week for me personally and for our country as we changed in so many ways because of who was elected and none of these ways were good for this nation. I like many Americans have been devastated by the results of November 8th and it’s impacted my mood, daily functionality, and life, and many others feel the same from what I have been hearing. There are many (mostly Trump fans) who say to “get over it” but how can you get over something so tragic and something that changes your homeland and not for the better? I cannot get over this, I have been blessed over the last eight years with Barack Obama as my president, we all have. I have been spoiled with a president who fights for my rights and the rights of everybody despite Republican obstruction and now things will be very different and America won’t be the nation we all love.

I am a proud member of the LGBT community as a bisexual man and my son is gay. I live on a fixed income and rely on public health benefits for my healthcare. I am not ashamed to admit this but I am very outraged that was we as a nation have become and believe that we all should be terrified of what this man wants to do and already has done in his first five weeks or so. There have been so many things already that make America less safe and quite honestly, less American.

It was under Obama where I truly began to accept my sexuality and who I am but under Donald Trump there are so many LGBT Americans who will question who they are, they will begin to doubt themselves and won’t feel accepted and his running mate Mike Pence will further that belief as he is the most anti LGBT candidate to run for any office in our history. In this election impacts all of that and more for me personally but I also am concerned about others in this country who will suffer from his policies. I care about keeping sanctuary cities, protecting LGBT rights, raising the minimum wage, standing up for the homeless and disabled, respecting all religions and ethnicities and so on. The disenfranchised in this country will suffer the most and we must stand up for them.

Those are – Muslims, Hispanic immigrants, transgender people (all LGBT people), and so many more who will be targeted not only by his policies but also by his supporters. We need to ask ourselves the following questions and then when we are done grieving we need to get back to work and protest, rally, and speak out against the America we have became since late January when he took the oath of office.

1. How does this impact my life personally? 2. How does this impact the lives of those I care about?
3. How will this change how we are viewed by the world? 4. How this impact the lives of vulnerable Americans? 5. How does this impact the United States in regards to foreign policy and our position on the global stage? 6. How does this economically impact this nation?

These are hard questions but we must ask them and then do what we can to make a difference. I am crushed by him winning but we must fight and we must RISE so that we can show others what this country is about and what we must do going forward to protect our democracy and what we are about as Americans.

Why should we RISE?

We must rise up because this is not who we are and not who we should ever be. The America that I know respects all people and values their rights but the America that will become our new reality when that man takes office is one built on f we and hatred and that is not a nation that any of us want to live in. I am often told to leave if I don’t like it but why should I leave? They didn’t leave when Barack Obama won and they hated him more than we dislike Trump. They treated Obama with a disgusting amount of hate and racism and continue to do so on a daily basis. We won’t leave but we will fight and we will rise against what that man stands for.

We will give the president elect the same respect that they gave president Obama over the last eight years and that is nothing. We have to continue fighting for the things I’ve talked about in this book and continue to stand for what is right in this country. The right thing to do is to fight for full equality and American values that are what this nation was founded on throughout our history. There are so many groups who are in jeopardy of losing their rights as well as being targeted by his policies and the hate and bigotry of his supporters and we must stand for them and one of those groups are our Muslim brothers and sisters.

I would like to tell you about a recent experience that I had to drive the point home about our Muslim friends. I got my tooth taken out at a free dental clinic put on by the Muslim Community Health Center here in town and was brought to tears thinking about what these loving, compassionate, and good people will go through over the next four years.
Terrorism is wrong but the majority of Muslims are good people who just want to live their lives like we all do. There are more American gun extremists who commit terrorist acts than Muslims yet they get labeled and discriminated against by our “president ” and those who support him.

Children who are Muslim and just want to live in peace and not be attacked in the country that they love. These little girls and boys wearing their traditional clothing and worshipping their God don’t deserve to be harassed and attacked by that man and his supporters. Muslims and undocumented immigrants are our friends and white gun owners kill many more than they ever have, we cannot let the rise of Trump make them feel like they are unwelcome, everyone is welcome in MY America!

We have religious freedom in this country not just Christian freedom and I will stand up for them and protect them whenever I see them being mistreated! It is unacceptable what we have become and what Trump supporters continue to do day after day across this country to minorities and other vulnerable people who are impacted by the policies that he has adopted in his short time in office. The right thinks that rights (religious freedom or other rights) only exist for them but I have news for them, we all are Americans and human beings and we all have a seat at the table.

Another group who is attacked by those who claim “religious freedom” are LGBT Americans and this happens far too often in our country, we need to stand for them as well. They are discriminated against and hated for loving who they love and we have gained too much over these eight years to go back to the days where people had to hide who they are. The presidency of Donald Trump is disastrous for our country and the groups of Americans who will be targeted by him and his supporters and people need to know this. The groups attacked and demonized by this man and his fans are not limited to LGBT people, Muslims, immigrants, and women. There are so many more who get attacked and made to feel unwelcome in this country by this so-called president and they are the media, the disabled, drug addicts, anyone not white, and so on. All of these people are for sure not accepted or included in Trump’s America.

People wonder why we say “Not my president” so often and I will tell you why, it is because Trump himself said that he is only the president of the “winning side”, not everyone in America and his actions prove this day after day in the mess he is making of our nation. I know it can be frustrating but we cannot give up, we must continue the growing resistance against him and what he stands for. I believe that we can we do many things to change things in this country. Of course, the presidency of Barack Obama was great and helpful for so many in our nation but the next four years will undo all of the progress our nation has made and be tragic for the American people. We cannot sit back as this man ruins the progress we have made over the last eight years and we must stand and rise against what he is about and stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves.

I say to Trump fans this – You may have “won” this presidential election and you may also think that you are right but we as liberal Americans will not destroy the changes we have made over the last several years and you will not take away equality, our economic progress, gun safety reform, or the other countless things Obama has done for our nation to make it great and you will not break our spirit or take away our hope. We will stand and fight for our country and all of the vulnerable people who live in it and we will not lie down and take it, we will not accept his “presidency”, not for one second.

Another message for them is that my books, blog, and podcast are not “lies” or “misinformation”, I research the topics I write about for weeks before I write a book and only write about facts and those facts are that the right divides and ruins this country and I won’t be silent about the truth just because it makes some uncomfortable or hits a nerve or two. I will stand for my beliefs and I encourage others to do the same as to do nothing is unacceptable and cannot happen, we have to unite and fight because if we do not then this nation is in for some very dark times in the years ahead.

His speech tonight showed what he wants for this country and again, it is nothing good for anyone, even his fans. His speech tried to sound more presidential than his dark and grim Inauguration Day speech but he did not fool anyone tonight, he is the same divisive, racist, and dangerous Donald Trump that he has always been and we must continue to apply the pressure and stop what he is trying to do to this once great nation. He wants to ban decent Muslims and thinks just because he removed one country from the ban it is okay, it is not who we are to ban anyone and we will not accept this, not for one second.

We also will not allow deportations of families, the wall of hate, cutting food stamps for the poor, arming the mentally ill, or any of his other backwards and harmful policies. I know, this was a long rant but it is much needed, we need to do what we can to reject what he is selling and fight back for our country that we love so much, we must keep applying constant pressure and move forward with the resistance! this is what is needed and we are the ones to do it, we must protest without violence but with the anger and fierceness that is  needed to make those in Washington know that this is not the America that those who came before us intended for us to be.



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