The Resistance Begins

Welcome to my blog, this is a new blog that I have started to carry the message of the resistance to Trump and all things right! You read it correctly, this is America Views From the Left meaning that this is a liberal blog that focuses on liberal issues from a liberal point of view. This is the resistance, not only to Trump and what he stands for but also to what his supporters stand for and have stood for long before his rise to power just over a month ago.

The supports of Donald Trump have stood for some of the most divisive and hateful ideologies long before they were supports of Donald Trump, it was him saying the types of things that they have thought for so many years that gave them permission to act on those thoughts and commit the vile acts that they have done and continue to do. These people do not represent this country and what we are about and I hope to shine a light on what they support and how it goes against what we support.

In this blog I will focus on some of the core issues of liberal politics and the issues that we care about as progressives. This is the second blog that I have written but will remain as an active one going forward. The first one was named Liberal State of Mind and had over 100 posts which were then used to create my first book America Views From the Left and then the podcast by the same name sprung from that. The issues discussed in this blog will range from gun control to LGBT rights, immigration, poverty and on down the line of the important issues facing America today.

I believe that speaking about these issues is of vital importance and even though my opinions are not popular and a lot of people have a problem with my views on guns, civil rights, immigration, and so on, it will not stop me from speaking out and being part of the growing resistance, too much is at stake to remain silent! I will be blogging every couple of days about the important issues in this country as well as breaking news stories that we see on the major news networks and while I will still write my books and do my podcasts and YouTube videos, this is just another outlet to get the word out there and speak out about the issues that we all care about.

The resistance has begun and the posts that you will read will tell the truth about the lies of the right and show you what this country is really about as we focus on the topics that we all care about as we look for solutions to these problems that we face in this country and resist what Trump and his supporters are doing to our once great country. Despite what you may have heard, the resistance is not about “crying” or “whining” but it is about fighting and standing up for our values and principles as we refuse to let our country become what Trump and his people are trying to turn it into. I hope you will comment and follow me on Twitter under @proudliberal11 as well as check out my books on iBooks and Amazon under Rob Clewley but more importantly I hope that you will join and be part of the growing and so very important RESISTANCE!


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